General Dentistry

At Smile Vegas Dental, our dental office offers a large range of various general dentistry services including routine exams, teeth cleanings, fillings, root canal, dental crowns, dentures, and preventative care.


Our process for
Dental Exams

Dental cleaning is an important step for your general dentistry needs. Our dentist and hygienist conduct a comprehensive exam to detect and address any potential oral health issues early on, before they develop into more serious problems like gum disease or tooth loss.

The exam process includes a medical history review, where we gather information about your medical history, including previous dental procedures, allergies and medications. To assess decay or other less visible problems, we may take a full mouth and pano x-ray, and an Itero scan to view your teeth in a 3D image.

Our dental exam also includes an oral cancer screening, where our dentist checks for any signs of lumps or bumps in the mouth or neck. We carefully examine your gums, using a probe to measure the spaces between your teeth and gums to detect any signs of gum disease. Finally, we visually inspect your teeth to check for signs of decay, damage, or other issues.
By prioritizing the dental exam and staying vigilant about oral health, we can help prevent complicated oral health problems from developing and ensure that our patients maintain healthy and beautiful smiles for years to come.

At Smile Vegas Dental, we prioritize the dental exam as a crucial step in maintaining oral health.
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Tooth Colored

While regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are important to maintain oral hygiene, they may not always prevent tooth decay. Therefore, timely cavity treatment is essential to prevent more severe oral health problems. At Smile Vegas Dental, we use high-quality dental filling materials to repair cavities, restore your teeth’s health and function, and deliver a beautiful smile.

  • Restoring tooth function: A filling can restore the shape and function of your tooth, enabling proper chewing and biting.
  • Strengthening teeth: Fillings provide support and stability to the remaining structure, thus strengthening the tooth.
  • Improving oral health: Filling decayed teeth can help avoid severe complications like root canals or tooth loss, promoting oral health.
  • Cosmetic benefits: Tooth-colored fillings match the color of your existing tooth, making them nearly invisible, thus providing beautiful aesthetic results.

By opting for tooth-colored fillings at Smile Vegas Dental, you can enjoy stronger, healthier teeth, and a beautiful smile.

Replacing Old Mercury Fillings

At Smile Vegas Dental, we provide tooth-colored fillings to replace old metal fillings. The replacement of old metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings can lead to a more aesthetically pleasing smile while also providing a more robust filling that reduces the risk of tooth fractures. In addition, replacing metal fillings with tooth-colored fillings eliminates the potential health risks related to mercury toxicity.

Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are a complete solution for addressing a variety of common tooth problems. At Smile Vegas Dental, we offer porcelain crowns that function like a cap, covering your natural tooth to provide a new surface and increased stability. Unlike dental fillings, porcelain crowns provide more extensive coverage, making them ideal for treating teeth with severe damage or decay. If you have a weakened tooth following a root canal or sustained dental damage from an injury, our dentist may recommend a porcelain crown as a reliable and cost-effective option to preserve your natural tooth and prevent further damage.
There are various reasons why a patient may need a porcelain crown, such as cracked, broken, or severely worn-out teeth, failing large fillings, or the need to correct teeth' shape or color.

Porcelain crowns offer multiple benefits, including:

  • Strengthening weakened teeth: They provide protection and a stable surface to protect the tooth from further damage or decay.
  • Enhancing the appearance of damaged teeth: Porcelain crowns are custom-designed to match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth, providing a seamless solution that blends in with the rest of your smile.
  • Long-lasting solution: With proper care, porcelain crowns can last for many years, making them a durable and cost-effective solution.
For superior porcelain crowns and exceptional dental care, visit us at Smile Vegas Dental.
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When a tooth is lost, it’s crucial to take swift action to fill the gap to avoid the surrounding teeth’ gradual shifting that can lead to bite problems and oral health problems. At Smile Vegas Dental, we offer dental bridges as a fixed prosthetic device that can be utilized to fill gaps left by missing teeth. A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth that is supported by two crowns that are fitted over the adjacent teeth. If you need to fill one or more gaps caused by missing teeth, a dental bridge may be a suitable option.
A dental bridge is a cost-effective and efficient solution for tooth replacement that uses healthy teeth for support while filling the gap left by missing teeth. Our restorative dentist permanently attaches the bridge, making it a more stable and reliable solution than removable replacements.

  • Improved chewing ability: A dental bridge fills the gap left by missing teeth, allowing you to chew and bite normally again.
  • Maintaining Facial Shape: A dental bridge can support your facial structure and maintain your cheeks’ plumpness, retaining your natural facial structure.
  • No Surgery Required: Unlike dental implants, dental bridges do not require oral surgery.
  • Mimics natural teeth: Dental bridges can mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, restoring your smile’s appearance.
  • Long-lasting: With proper care and maintenance, dental bridges are long-lasting solutions for missing teeth.
  • Maintains facial structures: Dental bridges can preserve the natural shape of the mouth and prevent surrounding teeth from shifting out of place.

By opting for tooth-colored fillings at Smile Vegas Dental, you can enjoy stronger, healthier teeth, and a beautiful smile.


Root Canal

When damage occurs to the pulp of a tooth due to severe decay or injury, a root canal procedure may be necessary. Although many people associate root canals with discomfort, it is often the best alternative to tooth extraction and can effectively eliminate tooth pain.

At Smile Vegas Dental, we prioritize gentle dentistry and strive to make each appointment as comfortable as possible. Our experienced dentists will carefully evaluate the tooth to determine the cause of the problem, which could be cavities, a split tooth, or root damage that endangers the nerve. If the nerve is compromised, a root canal may be required.

The effectiveness and extent of the root canal procedure depend on the tooth’s severity of damage. During treatment, the affected area is carefully assessed, and damaged or dead pulp is eliminated before the area is sealed. Following the root canal treatment, a crown over the tooth is often recommended to protect the tooth from breakage or further damage.

If you suspect that you require a root canal treatment, don’t hesitate to contact our expert dental team at Smile Vegas Dental. Our friendly dentists will conduct a thorough examination and propose a customized treatment plan to restore your oral health and comfort

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Full Dentures

Full dentures are dental appliances that replace all the teeth in the upper, lower, or both arches. They consist of a thin acrylic base resembling natural teeth with porcelain or acrylic teeth that can be customized to meet individual needs and preferences. This customization ranges from selecting teeth that blend seamlessly with existing smiles to creating noticeable transformations.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are removable dental devices used to fill gaps caused by one or more missing teeth. These consist of an acrylic or metal base that sits comfortably on the gums and supports artificial teeth made of either porcelain or acrylic. The replacement teeth are tailored to match the size, shape, and color of the surrounding natural teeth, and the partial denture is designed to latch onto remaining teeth or dental implants. Partial dentures can improve chewing ability, boost speech clarity, prevent shifting of remaining natural teeth, and enhance our smile's aesthetic appeal.

If you're looking for a reliable solution for tooth loss issues such as gaps in your smile, consult our team at Smile Vegas Dental about full and partial dentures today!

Preventative Care

Fluoride treatments are designed to protect teeth and make them stronger. This treatment involves applying fluoride, a mineral that naturally occurs in the environment and helps rebuild enamel, to the teeth. Benefits of fluoride treatments include preventing tooth decay, treating early signs of decay, guarding teeth during orthodontic treatment, and managing tooth sensitivity.

Dental nightguards are specialized mouthguards worn during sleep for safeguarding the teeth and jaw from hard grinding or clenching. These nightguards are commonly crafted from durable plastic materials that are customized to fit each patient’s individual dental profile. By wearing a nightguard, individuals can protect their teeth from harm, as well as alleviate pain related to jaw-joint dysfunction and headaches caused by bruxism.At Smile Vegas Dental we recommend regular preventative care to maintain good oral health and a beautiful smile. Make an appointment with us today to get started on your journey towards optimal dental health!

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Questions on General Dentistry Services? Check our

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry includes a wide range of treatments and treatment options essential to preserving and promoting excellent oral health. Certain procedures exist to maintain the health and painlessness of your teeth, gums, and mouth. 

Why is general dentistry necessary?

General dentistry contains several different purposes. For example, procedures might restore oral function if it is difficult to eat, eliminate any problems with one or more teeth, and correct any cosmetic issues a person may have concerning their smile.

What is a general dentist responsible for?

A general dentist is responsible for a multitude of things. They complete a multitude of health care needs including gum care, root canals, tooth fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, and preventative education.

Is a general dentist the same as a dentist?

Usually, general dentists have more of a wide range of training from dentists. In fact, they may also offer other services such as orthodontics.

What type of services do we cover?

Our responsibilities include:

  • Dental exams
  • Tooth fillings
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Root canals
  • Dentures
  • Preventative care

However, if you have questions regarding other aspects of your dental care, feel free to ask!

How often should I visit a general dentist?

Unless you are a patient who have a high risk of contracting any major oral disease, it’s recommended to visit every six months

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